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Lynher Valley Aberdeen Angus was founded in 1994 on the retirement of my parents from farming due to ill health. My Grandfather and Father founded the RYTHA herd in 1960. Having a shallow soil farm, they needed a breed that would thrive on less favourable conditions, and Aberdeen Angus fitted the bill.

The Rytha Herd consisted of 70 breeding females. in the early 1980's, when Continental stores were in demand, the easy calving attributes of the Aberdeen Angus allowed th use of a Charolais bull on half the herd which produced an ideal cross. These Charolais crosses were sold at 12 months of age, releasing land to increase the sheep flock. the only Charolais cross angus that were kept on were for local & national Primestock shows.
Pictured on the left is "The Steer with no Name" Champion at Liskeard, Wadebridge & Truro Primestock Shows 1981.

Lynher Valley Proud Upalongdowndownalong C020 by Black Banner X1 of Idvies (left).
Six cows were kept to form the Lynher Valley Herd. All the cows can be traced back to three of the original cows Proud Uma of Rowley, Phillipa of Woodredon & Elclarance of Haymount. The breeding policy is still the same as it was for my family. My aim is to produce easy keeping, easy calving with size that is commercially viable with out losing the traditional traits of the Angus, the Lynher Valley Herd now comprises of six cows which are wintered outside. All but the best males are castrated and there is always a good market for Aberdeen Angus stores, bulls & heifers in-calf are sold at Official Sales.

All the cows are AI'd. Sires used are selected to produce good confirmation & clean cattle, with a little bit of size with out losing the shape. It has always been important to to breed females with feminine heads and a little bit of style! Sires used include:- Black Banner X1 of Idvies, Blelack Prince Consort A286, Hi Diamond Greenstone 504, Netherton Fabulous Cruz Y300, Idvies Euris B112 & Tonley Pele M841.

Lynher Valley Encore Aurora N068 by Idvies Euris B112

Lynher Valley Elmariposa F044 by Blelack Prince Consort A283

Lynher Valley Enymeenyminymow T088 by Idvies Euris B112
Lynher Valley Enymeenyminymow T088 by Idvies Euris B112
Lynher Valley Aberdeen Angus
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